Joshua P Domingo

Writer and Artist

hi, i’m Josh. i write and take pictures.

i feel like a lot of these biographies have to be filled with exuberance and finesse, but usually sounds too contrived for anyone to believe it. but, i’m just a normal dude lol.

most personal blogs and stories are just too much. full of liveliness and breadth that it seems like their living a fantasy. i got tired of it, so i decided to make my own.

others like to paint a journey in to the sunset, i talk about the crap that goes on the journey.

I’m a photographer and I take pictures of the little things.

I think people get caught up in the big ideas of the world, that we might forget that the little things are what really defines something.

While there might be a big fire happening in the city, what about the labyrinth of hoses leading up to it. The kids running in panic. The stopped cars and traffic to stop and stare at the very same human spectacle.


Lots of ideas are lost in translation, even within the same language, so my job is to listen first, speak second.

IT in Education and Security.

Previously worked as Tech Coordinator for Pu’uhale Elementary School and IT Admin Assistant at the University of Hawai’i, College of Education.

I have a general working competency in python, shell (MacOSX and Windows) and PHP. Sometimes I’ll remember how to read ASM, but most times, ff.