Joshua Domingo

  • Artist
  • Businessman
  • IT Professional

Three of my strongest skills in art would include photography and calligraphy. I have worked in other disciplines including glassblowing, drawing, and painting, but I have not spent enough time to really consider myself to be advanced in any of the latter arts.

I like working in landscape and street photography because it is the mere observation of the world that intrigues me.

To me, my business role in every instance is to act as liaison, the middleman communicator between the technical side of work to the business side. Lots of ideas are lost in translation, even within the same language!

I make sure that ideas are properly spoken by each party. Less communication errors. More understanding. Make real progress.

My strengths include:

  • Communication
  • Systems Development
  • Project Management

I have worked mainly in the educational sector of IT, where my experience comes from working as Tech Coordinator for Pu’uhale Elementary School and the University of Hawai’i, College of Edcation.

I have a general working competency in python, shell (MacOSX and Windows) and PHP. Also, knowing markup language HTML/CSS is practically a standard now, it’s obviously applicable working with WordPress 🙂 

Some hobbies.. yeah.

  • Mediation
  • Playing Maplestory
  • Open water swimming
  • Reading

I am an artist.

I never agreed with the system, the conventional route. But I took it anyways.

After getting my 4-year degree from UH Manoa in Business, I've always questioned: "Is this it?"

Is the end of the road for me to just work for another 20-30 years for retirement, only to just sit around and relax? I decided otherwise.

This May 2019, I will be departing for Uganda as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

I believe in risk, chance, and an incredible amount of hard work. Nothing is out of reach, unless of course it's on a 6-foot shelf.