Joshua Domingo

Peace Corps Volunteer, Uganda

Aloha, my name is Josh and I like to make things 🙂

Well, it's always been particularly difficult to say what I am, every meet and greet I've been to has never had much of the same answer. I just like to make things and learn as much as I can.

Hard-headed and stubborn or courageous and unrelenting, in either case, when I find something to commit to I'll find a way. Whether it's picking up glassblowing practice at 430am, open-water swimming, computer programming, or calligraphy, I'm always trying to learn something new.

I believe in risk, chance, and an incredible amount of hard work. It's more fun that way, isn't it?

I don't want to think that anything is out of reach for me, unless, of course, it's on a 6-foot shelf.

I work mainly as a photography, although I draw a lot of my influences from my time working in glassblowing, calligraphy and drawing.

Generally, I like working in landscape work because I’m a lot more interested in documentation than anything else. This extends to my interest in bookmaking, poetry, literary work, and so on.

Therefore much of my creative work is quite bland on sight, but hopefully will serve a much more timely purpose than initially presented.

To me, my business role in every instance is to act as liaison, the middleman communicator between the technical side of work to the business side. Lots of ideas are lost in translation, even within the same language!

I make sure that ideas are properly spoken by each party. Less communication errors. More understanding. Get stuff done.


I have worked mainly in the educational sector of IT, where my experience comes from working as Tech Coordinator for Pu’uhale Elementary School and the University of Hawai’i, College of Edcation.

I have a general working competency in python, shell (MacOSX and Windows) and PHP. Also, knowing markup language HTML/CSS is practically a standard now, it’s obviously applicable working with WordPress 🙂 

Most of my hobbies are usually all about trying to make something harder than it’s supposed to be. I like the process of working, cause usually my end product isn’t that great anyways haha.

Some hobbies include: calligraphy, swimming, running, programming and networking.