Joshua P. Domingo

hi, i’m Josh. i write and take pictures.

I actually only started writing recently, February 2020. Writing was one of my least favorite subjects growing up in grade school since I was never naturally inclined to write well. I always thought that writing was an inborn skill, so I never gave it a second chance.

I started writing mostly by keeping a journal, but as I continued to read and describe my world, I started to get more interested with what I could read back days, weeks, or even months later.

Coupled with my experience in photography since 2013, I have been keen on writing as truthfully, with vivid detail, about my world travels and experience in my eyes as a Filipino-American.


Peace Corps Uganda 2019-2021

As of August 2019, I have been working as a Peace Corps Volunteer in AgriBusiness and Economic Development (AED). As a volunteer, I am tasked with empowering the people of Uganda with skills in agriculture and business to create a more prosperous life. With that, I am able to learn more about the country of Uganda, and share it with my friends, family, and most importantly, on this website!