Mini-Series: Changes for Life

Description: A mini-series of little habits that I think would have compounding benefits. The goal to create Changes for life.


I have a very limited amount of time before I depart to Uganda. To make things a lot simpler for me to think about my departure, I’m going to start implementing a few life-changes in order to set myself up for a better transition in to a lifestyle that is highly independent and sustainable.

I’m anticipating I will be gone for two years. If I’m going to make changes, I might as well make them last forever!

One of the biggest things that comes with change is learning how work with our invisible scripts. I intend to change these scripts and in doing so, will make achieving my short-term goals a lot easier.

Invisible Scripts and How We Stop Ourselves From Changing

I’m a big believer in having a better mindset is the best thing we could do to try and make a meaningful change in our life. Quitting smoking. Starting to invest. Reading more. Spending less. All of these things are entirely possible, but for many of us, including myself, I have had doubts on whether or not I could change.

  • I was born this way.
  • I’m asian, I just have to eat rice.
  • I’m American, why would I need to learn a second language.
  • I was never athletic in high school, why should I start now?

These are the invisible scripts that I would hear or even tell myself. By face value, none of these statements really are hurtful or mean. It’s much more different than calling yourself stupid or something, or is it really? The more that I would continue saying phrases like “I was never going to be good enough” are phrases that frame the way I think.

I know I’m capable. I know my friends are capable. Everyone is CAPABLE to make the changes they want, but what stops them isn’t a program that you didn’t use, it isn’t the kinds of foods you’re eating or supplements you’re not taking, the changes start with you.

The simplest, and cheapest, way to make a change is not to buy the next technical gadget to solve your problem. Solve the problem yourself by changing the way you work.

Change the way that you approach the problem. Change the way that you think about the solution.

My 4 Goals Before Departure

In the next few months, I’m going to be tackling these major habits or skills that I want to make better and break down:

  1. Build: Done Before 12 — Clean, Cook, and Prep Every Sunday, before 12 noon
  2. Build: Swahili Day In, Korean Day Out — Physical Flashcards for 20 minutes a day, per language
  3. Break: Sugar dependency — Stop Consuming Ice Cream, Redbull, and Other Tiny Treats
  4. Break: Technology Before Bed — The Only Technology I need is “Sleep Technology”

See you in the next few posts!

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