Changes for Life: Better Sleep, Better Days

The Only Technology I need is “Sleep Technology”

One of the first things that I want to take care of before I leave for the Peace Corps is actually sleep.

A sleep schedule shapes both the times when we are asleep as much as the times that we are awake. I think it’s easily the best thing that we can modify in order to create a better life, with more energy and become more decisive about what we do every day. Sleep schedules also imply that you have routines, a routine that prepares us to sleep, and one that prepares us for the day to come.

And also, for those who think that routines are robotic, for those that are against this sort of “I’m not a robot, why should I stick to a schedule, or a routine?”. News for you, we all need sleep, and just like how you would get a better job or better school schedule, why not just make your sleep better too?

Back to the topic: the way I’m approaching my sleep schedule is by having a plan one hour before sleep, and one hour after I wake up. Simple.

Before Sleeping – No Electronics

From here I start to decode what I normally do before sleeping right now. Playing games, staying on my phone, and kind of just being active with the lights on. Electroncis became time sink that was impacting my overall evening routine, or whenever I get home. Beause it’s the biggest time sink, I tried to figure out what I can do to limit or even remove it all together.

Playing games? Stops at 9pm. On my phone? Airplane mode or uninstall the app.

Obviously it’s not without little exceptions here and there. I might get an urgent call or message just before 9pm or it’s the weekend and we want to stay up a little bit longer. These aren’t hard-and-fast rules, just guidelines. I adjusted my rules as I went, and I feel comfortable getting off of my computer and things between 30-60 minutes prior to sleeping.

Waking Up – What Do I Do Now?

I think the most difficult thing about early morning routines is not neccessarily getting up, I think it’s figuring out what to do. Upon waking up, we’re coming from a completely different mental mindset and we aren’t exactly in tune with the world around us. We’re coming from a dream world or a that we just totally knocked-out. It’s impossible for us to know the INSTANT we wake up, that we know what to do.

Knowing this was a big weakness, I decided to just make a routine out of it. Make something for myself to do, and the best thing that I could come up with so far is to make coffee or tea. Making a drink was intuitive enough and it took enough time to get my mind and body moving a little bit for the day.

The action, though wasn’t enough, because there are days where I just don’t want to do anything. How do I get over that? Sleep in with a time limit?

The best thing that I’ve done for myself was set a time that I absolutely had to get out of bed, and one of the things that we should be doing every time we get up is brushing our teeth. So, from these two ideas, I just made 6:20am the time that I needed to get up and brush my teeth no matter what.

I also wake up dazed and confused and having the pressure of trying to figure out what I need to do doesn’t motivate me any more than being up at 5am. I figure that if I can get moving first, the ideas will come after.

Good Sleep == Good Day

We’ve all slept “wrong” in one way or another. Waking up with a sore neck or back because we decided that the fetal position was the greatest way to sleep from the night before. The day goes on and it’s already pretty sh*t.

Had a good night’s rest, you start off on a good note. Hitting reset is such a great thing to do. You can start off clean. Clean slate. No ties.

It’s enticing enough for me that the idea of being able to hit that reset button allows you cleanse yourself from the struggles of yesterday. It’s empowering to me, and I feel like it will add a considerable amount of benefit to anyone that wants to make some progress every single day.

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