Pre-Departure Tasks

Below is an overly complicated sequence diagram of the onboarding process from invitation. It’s superfluous but I made it anyways :^)

I wrote this to kind of visualize all of the steps in one go. This information is drawn directly from the Pre-Departure Checklist found on the Peace Corps website. The diagram is also to remind myself that I am still decent at coding lol.

Each MAJOR step is listed here from the time of acceptance to your departure date. Some text is written with () around them. These are variable steps that you may or may not need to complete.

Created with Raphaël 2.2.0Invitation AcceptanceInvitation Acceptance90 Days90 Days60 Days60 Days45 Days45 Days30 Days30 DaysAdventureAdventureSubmit DocumentsMedical Clearance √Background Check √Fingerprints √Passport √Visa Application √Access to PC Online PortalConference Call!Aspiration StatementProfessional Portrait Headshot(Update Resume)(Student Loan Obligations)Onboarding ActivitiesEmergency ContactsDirect Deposit(Student Loan Cert.)Online TrainingCore ExpectationsSafety and SecurityWrapping UpReceive Staging InstructionsYou are a Peace Corps Trainee!Meet your Class

Overall, it's a pretty standard and lengthy process for all the paperwork. After all, it'll be pretty difficult to do all of these things when we are gone, so it would only make sense that we do these activities before getting on the plane.

I will update this to signify any changes I've encountered in this process. First draft written Feb 2019


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