Entry #05: Things to Bring. What am I bringing to Africa?

Date: 4/29/2019
Time: 7:24am

I have no idea, LOL.

Minimizing my Wants

Well, I actually do I have an idea of what I want to bring but I just can’t really choose. I’m really trying to cut down on what I’m bringing because on multiple trips that I have gone through in the past, I have ALWAYS found a way to come back with more stuff.

I know that through the Peace Corps, we can take two luggage bags. But I really don’t want to be bringing that much stuff. What if I just packed one suitcase in the other? Twice the baggage while taking up less space right? Sounded good in theory, but accounting weight and space I think makes that idea twice as redundant.

Everyone has their tastes. I don’t think anyone should ever be packing the same kinds of things because it’s not a public experience, it’s just for you.

It’s Personal

Custom keyboard. Ukulele. Film cameras. And a cheap photo album of my life in Hawai’i.

For the most part, I think on any long-term stay, I’ve always travelled with these things! At least, now that I’m actually thinking about it haha. The keyboard thing is new, I guess it’s been one my new hobbies to wire and solder my own keyboard. It’s costly and is a bit much in terms of bringing an external keyboard everywhere I go.

The past few days I’ve been learning more about electronics, you know, things like diodes, resistors, microcontrollers and protocols for hardware. I’ve been invigorated by all of this! I haven’t been so excited to learn new stuff since I’ve been in school. This kind of thing happens a lot more often that I’d like to say.

The same goes for my ukulele; choosing the type of mahogany, size, and strings to go along with it. Film cameras were all selected based on preference of being as barebones and simple as possible. Lastly, my photo album was made with all the pictures I’ve amassed since 2016, trying to choose between 20,000 or so photos, most of them weren’t usable so it was more like a choice between 2,000 haha, of which are residing in a $5 cheapy album from our local pharmacy, Longs Drugs.

Make stuff. Break stuff.

So what does this all have to do with packing what I want? The ability to make.

Making things, hobbies in arts and crafts, it’s basically what I want to be doing. I’m always trying to find a way to make things on my own, at least if there is a way… and I have the money for it lol. The reason is that I feel like if I’m going to be in a place so much more remote than Hawai’i, I might as well learn how to do things on my own. The feeling of making your own semi-professional grade kind of things is practically irresistible to me and I hope that I can continue making things work as I go along in Uganda as well.

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