Entry #06: Keebs

Date: 4/30/2019
Time: 2:15pm
Location: Work office

I recently fell in love with…


Not too long ago, I have been slowly been writing more and more each day, and I’m getting pretty close to about 100 days in a row of writing a 500-word journal entry everyday. It’s been incredibly rewarding for the fact that even in just 30 days, I could see my train of thought twist and turn in a lot more objective way.

Reading my past entries gives me a more accurate representation of my feelings, decisions, and emotions so that I can make better ones in the future.

Now. Why am I so obsessive about my keyboard, typing is practically the same on anything right?

All this effort, for a keyboard?

The main reason why I got in to mechanical keyboards was to alleviate the stress in my fingers. I want to be writing and typing every single day while I’m Uganda because documentation is important to me.

It gets to the point where my fingers can’t move and lock up, which stops me from writing anything at all. This probably happens after about 30 minutes of typing, no breaks. Over time, though, it just becomes uncomfortable. I can do my work fine, but it’s not fun when your mind is putting in so much focus to move your fingers properly.

I didn’t want my fingers to be the detriment to my writing habit, so I decided to figure out what I can do to make it enjoyable.

Enter /r/mechanicalkeyboards.

The start of my obsession…

Admittedly, I have lots of little internal bouts when it comes to my hobbies. A mix of frustration and joy is all a part of learning process after all. “Hobby”, really, is more of a conservative word for me. I think “obsession” are probably more accurate.

Usually, when it comes to a new kind of hobby or skill that I am trying to learn, it’s all or nothing. I want to learn as many mechanics, technicalities, methods, and avenues that I can take in any given venture. If I don’t find it interesting, it’s hard for me to learn or pursue anything further, learning the inner workings and principles therefore help me to guide my arousal and hopefully peak my interest.

It’s not just clicks and presses.

I mean it is…

But it also means the whole part of putting together a design, feel, and personal experience for typing!

I can usually justify it by the new skills that I’m learning such as soldering, basic electronic components, and alleviating my hand fatigue from my trigger finger. But then it started to get really fun.

I was never a natural for electronics, I don’t think many people are, but I just found it incredibly daunting as it is fascinating.

Yesterday, I got to soldering my first circuit board for my keyboard. It was rough. A new skill never starts off on the perfect step, but it was that learning process that was so interesting. Adjust grip, taking note of the temperature for my iron, and learning about the various electronic components, e.g. diodes, resistors and microcontrollers, was incredibly interesting.

It’s that “Eureka!” moment that makes it worthwhile. At least since I’m still working, this hobby isn’t too costly :^)

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