Entry #10: How to not get upset, PT2

Date: 5/5/2019
Time: 11:04am
Location: Home

Find the people that make you happy, and stay with them.

Since my car accident last week, I’ve been spending a lot more time with my family and friends because of circumstance. These people are more than happy to lend me a ride because I have just been taking the bust for the most part. They’ve been gladly offering me rides home and I can’t be any happier for that.

The situation; I have no car

  • I will not need a car in the next two years
  • There will no longer be the maintenance fee of owning another car (for my parents)
  • Insurance will go up, and I will not be there to help alleviate costs
  • I don’t have a car.

I had an accident, and this is the time that I should be able to calmly figure out what my next steps are. I’ve gone through my episode of sadness and anger, so moving forward I should quickly find a way to alleviate my situation. Taking the bus has been a little bit better because I can do so many more things that I couldn’t do. Things like reading, meditating for longer periods of time, and catching up on the news. No one really bothers me on the bus and so it’s kind of like my peace and quiet time while I’m away from home, school, or work.

It’s nice to think about it in that perspective, but I also lose out on a lot of things that I had with a car. Things like going to the store that much quicker, buying little parts for my projects from Home Depot and such, the list can go on. But I’m okay with that.

I mean, not really, but I can learn to be okay with it.

I am still a bit upset at my past mistakes, but there isn’t anything different I can do now to reverse that. This is what I am trying to hold as constant in my mind. Satisfaction would come from being content with the things I have, and I am incredibly fortunate that I have my friends and family to do these things for me.

I am also fortunate that I didn’t get hurt from the accident, and that no major harm was done to anyone, except of course to my dear car 🙁

Moving forward!

It’s less than four weeks until I am leaving, and I have NOT YET PACKED. But guess what I’ll be doing this week to fill in my journal time, writing all about what I’m bringing to Uganda.

I have not yet put out my public list and I have not actually put things together, so in the end things will change up a lot. I’m very excited to share what I’m going to try and do for this trip. Stoked to share, and hope you guys will like it too!

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