Entry #15 – Elementary Atmosphere

Date: 5/10/2019
Time: 1:11pm

Omg I love these little elementary school kids.

Another day at work and I got to meet another person that was working in a nearby location. At my school, it’s not exactly the richest community, but the kids are absolutely great. Nearby communities, are in a similar situation where human resources (HR) tries to put a bit more emphasis on making sure these communities are doing well. It was nice being able to talk with others working in the same kind of industry.

Working in a low-income neighborhood really does humble you quite a bit. Knowing that many of the things that we take for granted like meals everyday, transportation, good plumbing, etc. are all the same kind of things that I may not have going out to Africa. But anyways, back to the kids.


I was taking the bus towards my next job, because I am still currently working two jobs. If you’ve been reading my posts in the past week, which I would be flattered and surprised anyone had read it, I crashed my car last Wednesday. I’ve been taking the bus to my next job, and today I had to take a different route. It turns out right at the 5 minutes of waiting for my next bus, the 3rd grade class was just leaving from their field trip to the capitol!

I was quite confused when I saw the school bus because I had not idea they were waving at me, I could barely hear them through my headphones either. I had initially shrugged them off because I had no idea who they were calling towards, but it only made sense until after the 3rd grade teacher texted me saying they just saw me.

Hawai’i is pretty small, after all, so it didn’t completely surprise me, haha.

I’m going to miss working at my elementary school.

Depending on how you look at it, I really liked being in the same atmosphere as the elementary school kids. It’s when most kids are pretty innocent and while they may not be well-behaved, seeing the kids just running around having fun is honestly great to see. Amidst all of the terrible news about the recent Colorado shooting and the recent capture of a North Korean ship in American Samoa, for example, seeing the kids just lightens the day that much more.

Of course, it doesn’t particularly balance out the good and bad things that happen in the world, but it makes things a bit easier to go through the day. More news. More information. More of practically everything and everything is amplified.

I’m hoping that when I get to my grassroots community in Uganda that I can have the same kind of relationship with the kids there as well.

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