Entry #13: From li hing mui to politics, how my mind works.

Date: 5/8/2019
Time: 10:20am
Location: Work office

Sweet and sour candy. Like my chicken, but not really.

Li hing mui, for the longest time I thought was really sweet, like a sugar that you pour on everything to just make it better. It’s a homestyle addition to pretty everything: watermelon, pineapple, gummy bears, etc. But it turns out, when I was around 8 or 9, it was not sweet at all when I decided to just dip my fingers in it and eat it all by its self.

Incorporated with many of the aformentioned foods above, li hing mui is a salty dried plum. It comes from China and has been used in Hawaii ever since… ever since. The Chinese, like many other populations that had immigrated to Hawai’i in it’s early days, brought with them this wonderful flavor and has since been used to make things just a little more tangy.

Think of Tang, the orange powder, except with a bit more strength, add in some sour-ness, and a scarlet color that will surely stain your fingers.


You know, I’m not sure why I even thought about li hing mui today. Staring outside of the windows while taking the bus today, was that familiar sight of the bright red paint and gilded lettering on the shops as we were driving by. Pork, duck, and an assorted selection of choice cuts. Fruits that you would never see being sold at your local Target. Good ol’ chinatown.

There are days where I would want to just walk around there because it’s always been filled with the times that I would come here with my mom. It wasn’t particularly fun, but I would always remember that same kind of grimy smell; the smell of fish mixed with fresh meat and the elderly.

I wonder what they think of chinatown.

Most of the elderly here have immigrated from their homelands, and obviously, they bring with them their home traditions, cultural values, and everything. Sometimes, they might assimilate to the American society or perhaps create their very own and mesh with whomever they are grouped up with.

My parents have kind of mixed in with America, but it’s a different type of mixing. A hybrid of traditions.

Sometimes I would wonder what the people like to think of our American society. I know that sometimes I completely disagree with being in an American society because we are so far removed! Other times, I am completely thankful for being a part of the U.S. just because we are so privileged with what options we have as adults.

I know, first-hand, that other people just don’t have that kind of option: to choose what you actually what you want to do for the rest of your life. It’s not exclusive to just our country, but it’s in the scope of the entire world that so many people don’t have access to what we have. Countries including Switzerland, Australia, the UK, and so on have access to many of the same kind of resources, if not more.

But for the rest of the world, what do they think about us?

Li hing mui to world politics. How did that even happen, haha.

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