Entry #16: I’m a computer nerd, if you didn’t know :)

Date: 5/13/2019
Location: New desk, same crib

Oh man does it feel to feel like a computer nerd again.

Today, I went to working on a side project that I didn’t expect to take within these last few weeks. Web development for someone else’s website. Turns out, this website that I designed was enough to convince someone else that I know how to do WordPress!

For that I am incredibly grateful to be able to do a bit more work and earn some money on the side, haha.

It has been a while since I’ve written HTML/CSS, actually, since this WordPress site was designed mainly through the theme features, using File Transfer Protocol (FTP), and drawing with pen and paper. It’s been pretty fun relearning all of the things I used to do, like when I was in class for this a few years ago. Pretty cool to see that I can still pull it off haha.

I think what also attracted me to this side job was the fact that it gives me the space to do some design. Design is really interesting to me just because it is the core flaw that most websites fail to pull of properly. This goes with principles in good human-computer design: designing for the human experience. It’s one of those things that the older websites of the early 2000s had struggled with, mostly by nature of how difficult it was for website development in comparison to today’s options.

Excited like shopping for groceries, really

I really like grocery shopping because food.

But seriously, coding honestly does get me excited… so long as it works.

I’ve been learning C programming, scripting in Unix, and Python 3.7 for the last few months. This all came as a consequence of working at an IT position at the University, but also this inner kind of feeling that I probably should learn how to code since I’m in IT.

To be quite honest, I was never that good with coding when I was in school. But on a side note, let me be one of those people to say that HTML/CSS is NOT coding. It’s a markup language.

Markup language is to interior design as programming is to building. You wouldn’t call yourself a carpenter if all you are doing is changing the color of the walls or moving around the existing furniture, right? Just saying, hehe.

But anyways, with coding in PHP, my first programming language, oh boy did I think I was hot. In reality, compared to the really good programmers in my class, oh man was I wrong. I couldn’t get a good amount of my code to work at a certain point because my fundamentals were always just a bit off. Once you get away from good fundamentals, it’s practically over. The website becomes too difficult to repair and you’re better off starting a new one.

Looking forward to finishing this project

Returning to the side project, it does excite me these last few weeks that I am here because I won’t totally be out of work until I get to fly out. I get bored pretty quick, and once I finish my last day at my jobs this week, I’ll get to focus on this one just a bit more. Before I know it, I’m flying to Africa!!

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