Entry #17: Getting Used to Mistakes

Date: 5/14/2019
Location: Home sweet home


Going through my own kind of experience with meditation, I think I’m starting to understand the feeling of contentment versus the feeling of happiness. I think it’s just being accepting of the facts of life and understanding that while things may not be going your way, you understand the bounds and limitations of what can and cannot happen. I feel more relaxed and I feel okay without having control in some situations now.

One of the things that kind of happened was that, today, someone had spilled their drink on the bus. A whole mix of banana and peach mixed together with the floors of the bus. Wonderful. It wasn’t a small spill either. Like the times where you think you’ve only got a tiny stain on your white shirt on a fancy dinner, it later turns out to be the bane of your existence when you check in that shiny 3 star bathroom.

And boy, did that smoothie fill up the smell of that cabin.

I took a look at it for one second as I walked towards the spill, and just laughed. Poor soul to the one that spilled the drink, and poor janitor who will be cleaning this up!

If it were a few weeks earlier, I probably would have complained about being on the bus in the first place, questioning why I ever crashed my car in the first place. But all I really could do was look at the spill and move on. I’m no janitor, especially after I have finished my job. It’s not my place to be caring about the spill!

This approach has made me at ease with the oddities of the world. Mishaps and misfortune is bound to come, and we are not to live a life without them.

Work and the world of mistakes and failures

I’ve been spending the last few days on a small project on Windows deployment. It’s a project full of energy and excitement. Anyways, things have not been going well the last few weeks.

I’ve been hitting roadblock after roadblock in trying to troubleshoot this system because it has not been functioning properly. Error message after error message that was not in my control. I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t know how to fix it.

Today, I finally got through troubleshooting and fixed the issues at hand. It wasn’t as relieving as I thought it would be, though. I’ve settled down since the last few weeks and instead of throwing in the towel, it was trying to see things in a different perspective. It was trying to understand that I needed to take breaks and not let these things bother with my emotions.

Things happen.

Moving Forward

It’s almost departure time, and with a little more than a couple weeks, I am just waiting for all of this to happen. I am more than ready to dive in because there really isn’t much to try and prepare for. Time to learn 🙂

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