Entry #20: Beach Days and Sunny Skies

Date: May 21, 2019
Time: 6:32am

It’s not too early in the morning but it’s always a sight to see, a warm and golden sunrise.

I love living here in Hawaii because I think we can all agree on something pretty universal, it’s beautiful. While it does come at an expense for a lot of us, because in reality the price of paradise is pretty hefty for most people, when our family comes together and helps to make it work, I couldn’t imagine a better place to be living.

By no means is this place perfect, but it works for me.

I remember camping overnight at some of the beaches around the coast like Nanakuli and Waimanalo.

Nanakuli had some rough sand and it got incredibly hot over the day as you had to make a pretty long trek across the beach. The beach was a wide-open area of just sandy grounds. And as the heat came on at high noon, it was a rough time haha. Your feet would be sinking in the sand with each step. It was like stepping on moving asphalt in the hot sun. But nonetheless, it was something I can remember.

Each beach had a sort of “theme” if you’d like to call it that way. Kailua had this incredibly fine-grained sand that sticks to EVERYTHING like sprinkling glitter all over your body. Lanikai, since it was on the same coast and in the same area, was also about the same. Moving North, we have the numerous amount of beaches. Waimea Bay, Chun’s, Pipeline, Sunset. All of these places have a certain uniqueness to them. Each of them owning a sort of character that evidently is tied back to the roots of these beaches.

Taking a Step Back, Away from the Sand

This is all a sort of flashback for me. I remember taking the bus early in the morning, like 7 or 8am to get to Waikiki so we could just cruise it there the entire day. Bodyboarding and jumping off the pier was literally our summers. TheBus would cost us a dollar back then. Just put a dollar in, pack on our bodyboards, backpacks, and some money and off we went.

We were a lot more active in those times. Taking advantage of the beach, surf, and sun. But that was practically 10 years ago. With responsibility, age, and hopefully a bit more knowledge, I think taking the step back away from this world is going a big change for me. Even now, I would be actively trying to make plans to go beach or just be in the outdoors, I know how much of a privilege it is to be living in a place like this, but alas, responsibilities call.

It’s going to be a big change for me to be landlocked in a way. Not being able to see the ocean and not being able to be in such close contact with whom I keep in touch is something I haven’t quite dealt with well in the past, haha. As crazy as it sounds, I remember just being in shock when I was hiking somewhere in Korea, only to reach the top and realize that off the horizon wasn’t a body of water, it was just more land.

Hawaii is a small place, practically in the middle of nowhere. It’s crazy to even think that this many people live here. But here we are.

Here we go: 9 days left.

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  • Lee , May 22, 2019 @ 11:49 am

    awww you are gonna be so missed

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