Entry #21: Letters, Letters, Letters

Date: May 23,2019
Time: 8:22am

Since I’ve gotten my typewriter, I’ve been a lot of letters.

I don’t think there is something existentially important or spiritual about having a typewriter, or any kind of analogue device for that matter. What it does, for me is just make the workflow simpler.

Load paper. Write the letter. Seal it up and done.

I appreciate analogue things because we can choose to do, or not do, whatever we want with that machine. Taking for instance analogue cameras. You’re in the drivers seat for the most part, and because you have to do some amount of thinking to get the image that you want, over time it makes you a better thinker, and better problem solver. I’m more aware of my limitations whenever I use analogue things, and to me, I like limits.

Unlimited is thoughtless

I remember when I used to play my video games and want unlimited of EVERYTHING. Things to level up, the best weapons, gear, food, etc. This is where I got in to playing private servers. But the appeal for having everything you ever wanted falls off quite quickly. By the time you’ve gotten everything you’ve wanted, it’s only been day one. What do we do after that? What do we do with all of this extra time and being without any reason to spend it? I started to disdain private servers because it wasn’t fun anymore.

Getting things how you want it is nice, but getting everything perfect could be the same sensation as getting everything wrong. It’s monotonous. I need the dynamic. I need the change. I can’t quite settle down because I’m just trying to bounce around and get moving.

Bring my typewriter to Uganda?

Seriously, I’m considering it, haha.

I get to type everyday now! I get to type and produce a sheet of paper that I’ve put the work on. I can create a manuscript of my very own. I can write all of the terrible stories that I want. I can be the writer that I’ve wanted to be, the writer that continuously punched in word for word, every single day.

It is a bit of a dream of mine to be a published author, but I know that my writing is not good enough to be without an editor. I am not one of those people who can produce at 70 or 80 quality by first draft. I’m pretty sure most people aren’t, so that makes it a relief haha.

As I stand here, typing on my mechanical keyboard on my computer, I can only see the manifestation of my words as pixels. It’s not incredibly tangible, and will only ever be tangible if I decide to print these things. In general, my penmanship is also not the best, I do calligraphy, but I guess the modality of thinking and application changes whenever I’m just writing like normal. Handwritten is great and all, but my fingers end up cramping because of some residual pains from “Residual Strain Injury”, or you can call it RSI.

My hands aren’t incapable of writing, but probably like 10 minutes in, my hands do have some cramps that need some stretching. It gets quite annoying after a while.

If you have RSI with writing, won’t it be that much worse with the typewriter?

Funny enough, I don’t get cramps using the typewriter at all! At least, not yet. I went for about 6 hours of just typing a couple days ago, only stopping for mental breaks and to drink some water.

The reason why: finger movement vs. combined movement.

Using a keyboard, I’m generally depending on my fingers to do the dirty work. With a typewriter, think of each letter as being a stamp. I would have to use my fingers, wrist and forearm to complete the work.

That’s the difference, for me, in using the typewriter. It’s the first time I was able to type pain-free. It makes me happy to be able to do that, and confirms the feeling that I am a writer. I can continue to write and that’s what matters to me 🙂

Less than 6 days left.

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