Entry 22: Rockstars

Date: May 25, 2019
Time: 8:40am
Location: Sister’s house

Yesterday was just awesome. While everything didn’t go as planned, it was practically one of the best days out that I’ve had in a while. I got to hang out with one of my best friends for the better part of the day going to North Shore. From sunrise to late noon, it was pretty good.

Not the perfect morning, but still ok

Ironically, the day started off gloomy and overcast. There was no sunrise glow to wake us up, so the dogs did that instead. The dogs are needy to say the least, they love to be pet and they really want their food on time. 4:45am.

As soon as I had given attention to one dog, the other was fully awake and ready for breakfast. I tried to ignore them for just a bit longer, but like a snoozed alarm clock that keeps on buzzing, they were persistent.

We started the day quiet, kind of just exchanging glances at each other to acknowledge what we were doing. I made some coffee and watered the plants, she made a bowl of Capn’ Crunch and had watered the inside plants. By the end of the morning routine, we had packed up our things and made our way to the car.

Hike, Beach, Sun, and Swim

It basically felt like a day that I truly embraced living here. It meant driving through the countryside of the island and going to hike. It meant hiking even if it was still raining and muddy, we knew we could do it. It meant going to the beach to rinse and cool off after a sweaty, humid morning. And it meant just having fun in the water without having a care in the world.

I couldn’t have had a better beach day with a few friends like this, it was nice and simple. We had gotten our food at my favorite sandwich too. It was like our Subway, but local. I hate Subway, but I love this stuff. Sweet bread with papaya seed dressing, sprouts and your choice of meat, oh man that stuff is good. I think that day I had the Friday special, the Sunset. Turkey, roast beef, and ham. I’m not the biggest fan of any particular meat, but my goodness this food is good.

“It’s only 2pm!”

Usually, when I would hang out with most of my friends, we’re always doing things till late at night. It just became a consequence of what we were doing. But today, we had set out a plan to do what we wanted to do. Commitment, that was all there is to it whenever you make plans. The plans to wake up early and go hiking, having the energy to go looking for food and to just relax at the beach. Nothing about today was particularly glamorous, but it was filled with a wholesome kind of feeling. I wanted to be there and under no circumstance will I be able to relive this day again.

It was that kind of day, a 10/10 rockstar day.

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