Entry #24: The Thing That I’ll the Most from Hawai’i

Date: 5/31/2019
Time: 6:23am

These people.

Of course, my family is at the very, very top, no matter what. They’ve always been able to put forth support for me and my crazy endeavors, cause they’ll always given me the chance to explore. But for the people that aren’t related to me by blood, the people who have made the decision to become friends with me and share their lives, their thoughts and feelings, they have allowed me to be a part of their lives in the most genuine way possible.

That’s what makes all of them so great.

Their kindness, generosity, truth, and varied personalities make them all irreplaceable. I’ve met most of these people throughout my grade school days, but things did not truly solidify our friendship until the adventures of high school and beyond. Every year was a year to remember, so much so that I can’t recall a time where we weren’t doing something dumb, crazy and wild.

From the Sundays we would all watch anime and barbeque, go to the beach from 8am to 6pm, dawn patrol to go surf, the classic 1am and 2am shenanigans and so on, these people have never failed to amaze me. Trust through the lack of humiliation and the embrace of our own stupidity, that’s me and my friends.

I don’t know how I’ll feel about this all when I’m away and out of immediate contact. I won’t be receiving the calls or texts at night to ask if I want to go barbeque at my friends house. We won’t be making those spontaneous trips to the mall or the store to go buy something. This is the feeling of what it’s like to move on, isn’t it?

It’s a new feeling for me, because the life of an islander isn’t particularly the same as being on the mainland. The fact that we are confined to the physical limits of our island means that we will naturally make the connections with the people who are close.

Moving Forward.

This is the feeling of change. It’s never been a comfortable feeling, but I also understand that if I can’t overcome the simple fact of leaving my friends for two years, my mental toughness will never be strong enough for the times that we may be separated for life. I have the opportunity to disconnect for a bit, and I will put forth my best energy to keep in contact with those that have truly made an impact.

It’s a skill, to be able to handle yourself. Your emotions. All of these things. I know I’m not good at it, particularly because there has been no opportunity to test my capability to stay connected and stay strong on my own, but I’m going through with this commitment no matter what.

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