Entry #26: Laundry Day, a recap of what’s been happening

Date: 9 June 2019
Time: 9:36AM
Location: Bedroom #6 – TOKYO Dorm

Oh boy it’s been a long time since I’ve written, hello again internet!

There has just been A LOT of things going on this past week. Internet inaccessibility, laptop being bead, no outlets to charge for the first 5 days and just overall being overwhelmed from jet lag and everything, it’s been a long week. But to put it simply, since it’s too much to write about in one post, I’ll simplify it.

So… what did you do this past week?

Bootcamp for Peace Corps.

Currently, we’re in this stage of Peace Corps known as PST or Pre-Service Training. Every Peace Corps volunteer goes through this in order to get up-to-speed on how to act, what to say, and information on our line of work we will be doing over the next 2 years. This means, classroom sessions 6 days a week going over the topic of health, safety & security, language, and cultural topics. It’s just… a lot.

From the moment that we got off the plane, we were on the move to our site. Muzardi. It’s this closed-off, private compound designated for group housing, meetings, with a cafeteria and other facilities for us to use. Like many places in Uganda, it has incorporated a lot of its own personal agriculture for its own sustainability. This means growing their own crops for food, fisheries, plant propagation tents and so on. Lots of animals here as well, with chickens, goats, and cattle freely grazing throughout the land.

It’s a really nice place, and it pretty much reminds me of the countryside in Hawai’i.

How are you feeling?

Like my phone battery, dead.

It’s been an exhausting week considering that I was going off of fumes since day 3. After flying for about 30 hours, ground transportation for another 6 hours (all cumulative), and diving straight in to the curriculum in this new environment, it was stressful to say the least.

Couple this with the new lifestyle that we would be thrown in to: handwashing, limited electricity, no internet, and sleeping under mosquito nets, it is definitely a lot to take in.

To be honest, I tried to muscle my way through all of this and act like nothing was bothering me. The jet lag, the new changes in lifestyle and so on, I tried to not let anything get in my way, but I was running straight in to a ditch and fell down; hard.

Drowsiness, irritability, humid weather, sluggishness and a foggy mind did not make a great week. But as my body adjusted to the place, I finally felt like I was getting used to everything a couple days ago. So all in all, not bad :^)

How often can we contact you? How are you even on the internet?!

Like my fasting diet, it’s intermittent.

T-Mobile, while it doesn’t have the best plan in the states, it’s great for international coverage! By great, I mean at least I can text and stuff. It’s intermittently available but nonetheless I’m able to access the internet with up to 3G speeds. It’s great!

Unfortunately, until I can get a local SIM card with minutes and data, I won’t be able to post too much quite yet. I hope to get access to internet soon, I don’t think it should be more than a couple of weeks. But for now, this will do haha.

How are you feeling then? Sounds like a lot.

Ehhh. Yeah it’s a lot lol.

I’m slowly getting adjusted and I think I’ll be just fine, just gonna take some getting used to everything and I hope that things will turn out for the better. I miss my friends a lot and I want to be able to call more people, but alas, data is not on my side haha.

Until I have access to better internet, I will only be able to post as long as I have internet and electricity.. so just check back every couple of weeks, haha.

Until then, see you guys later!


  • Lovelace Domingo , June 8, 2019 @ 10:21 pm

    What do you miss most about home?

    • Josh , June 11, 2019 @ 11:03 am

      I miss the doogies 🙁 hahaha

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