Entry #32: Witty with the City – The Kampala Tour

Date: 16 June 2019
Time: 9:36pm
Location: Bedroom #6

Feet hurtin’. Sweat goin’. But, much happy.

Two Big Things Happened this weekend:

  1. Language Placements: We got placed in the Lusoga language, which determines that my region of service will be in the Near-East side of Uganda. FINALLY.
  2. Kampala Tour: We finally got to visit the city and it was fantastic.

Wait, tell me more about your language! Lusoga?

I would tell you more, but I still have to go through learning about it haha.

As far as I can tell you, Lusoga is used widely in the Near-East region. From our cohort, we got separated according to our language placements, which determines our region of work. Consequentially, I am going to be working East of the capital, Kampala and won’t be too far away.

We start language training this week, for the next 5 weeks. From there, I can tell you guys a lot more about what’s going on.

Kampala Tour! How was it?!

When we finally hit the massive crowds of people, alpha mode has been initiated.

Up until now, we have been mostly in the countryside of the area of Uganda and haven’t got much exposure to the busy city life. Kampala, being the capital was a very busy place. But here are a few points of interest:

  • Lots of important locations for us to know as US cititzens
  • Coffee shops on every block
  • Lots of choices for food that wasn’t matooke and beans

There were lots of things that we did today which includes shopping, exploring around to see the nearby hostels, and just hanging out with our small group of trainees with our Peace Corps Volunteer Leader (PCVL) showing us the ropes. We kind of got to through the routine of working as a Peace Corps Volunteer in terms of traveling and going to the office to do some administrative work.

Taxi Park. The most exciting part.

How many Ugandans can fit in a taxi? If the cab is full, let’s put them on the roof.

Jokes aside, for some taxis, it might be the reality. After a long day of exploring Kampala, we had to find a ride back home to our place of stay for training. The taxi park… it’s a lot to take in.

Cars and people left and right beeping and yelling for you to get in to their taxi. One thing to know about taxis in Uganda, to get the most bang for your buck, they will not leave until they get a full taxi, that means every seat has to be filled.

It can get a bit crazy because of all the noise and people, making for totally new environment and something I’m definitely not used to. I’ve taken public transit before, but this was a whole new level.

You said shopping, what can you even find in Uganda?

Everything even the kitchen sink.

It didn’t surprise me to find out how many options there were to buy in the big supermarkets in Uganda, but it was just because I didn’t know what to expect that I thought it was pretty damn cool.

Raking in some wall-plug converters for my US plugs, more paper for writing and some other stationery, I definitely did not have enough money to be buying all of the things that I wanted. There are a TON of options to buy things here, so if you’re thinking about traveling or even joining the Peace Corps in Uganda, you can expect there to be a ton of options here that you wouldn’t have to worry about.

It was a great day today just spending time with good company doing fun things. Lots of things were accomplished, and it was nice to just relax for a change, haha.

Note on my newsletter.

I have been slowly working on it but juggling all of these things I won’t be able to get it out this week, so I’m planning to release it one week later than scheduled.

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