Entry #45: Eyes On Site; Technical Immersion!

Date: 27 July 2019
Time: 3:25pm

Let’s talk about Technical Immersion

As I have mentioned in the previous post, we are in the final stages of PST; Technical Immersion.

Technical Immersion is about learning about our roles and responsibilities first-hand by shadowing current volunteers in the field.

Get me up to speed… Who, What, and Where?

You got it.


  • Tech Immersion Hosts
    • Katie and Natalie
    • Currently active PCVs in the sector of AgriBusiness and Economic Development
  • Us, the Peace Corps trainees
  • Our wonderful language trainer and coordinator, Dan

We have been traveling with our colleagues from the Busoga region, the place where I am serving and home of the Lusoga speaking region.

Our hosts, who are PCVs of this region are Katie and Natalie. As serving PCVs for over a year now, they have been doing lots of work and have been showing us what they have done to exemplify what we could do at our own site placements.


  • Learn about what it’s like to live like a currently serving Peace Corps Volunteer
  • Practice going through the motions of our work
  • Understanding our roles as volunteers and facilitators within the community

Much of the work that we will do as AED volunteers will vary greatly between the wants and needs of each site that we will be at. For my village, work differs a lot with the wants and needs found here.


  • Somewhere in the North-West area of Uganda 🙂
  • The details of our location are generally around the NW area of the country where we are seeing lots of farmers groups and schools around the region.

Got it, so tell me more about what you’ve been doing?

Being here in Tech Immersion helped us a lot in terms of physical and mental stress. The pace of the work has finally slowed down as it’s no longer focused on the quantity of work, it’s the quality of our work that we’re now tuning in on.

From learning about observing and learning on how to facilitate, the kinds of relationships we will have with our counterpart and supervisor, potential projects and work that we can do in the future, as exemplified by the work that Natalie and Katie, have showed us clarified what we are and aren’t doing as future PCVs.


What kinds of work do you think you’ll be doing?

Lots of gardens. Lots of capacity building.

Capacity building… it’s a buzzword in Peace Corps, but an important one as well.

Initially, when trying to visualize our work in Peace Corps, it was hard to get a true understanding of what we are doing there. Certainly we aren’t experts in our field or knowledge, but we have a good upper hand and a new perspective that a fresh pair of eyes on the kinds of projects and outlooks a community has definitely can bring some goodness to a new community.

Our role, as PCVs is guide and bring new perspective to the community members that we will be serving in. We’re teachers and mentors, volunteers whom people can go to for reference and guidance on how to do things. While we might not have all the answers, we definitely have the resources and availability to do the work that others in the community might not be able to.

As we go through Tech Immersion, my role and job for the future has never been clearer and for that, I can’t thank our Tech Hosts: Natalie and Katie for all their hard work 🙂

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