Entry #47: We are Peace Corps Volunteers

Date: 11 August 2019
Time: 10:28am

Announcement: I am now living in the village. This means I don’t have electricity or internet service at my home; therefore, because of these limitations I will only be posting on Sundays, or whenever I can get to town.

We are now Peace Corps Volunteers!

Pre-Service Training. It’s finally over.

After about 10 weeks of training it’s finally over with. Getting through these ten weeks were obviously necessary since it’s mandated by Peace Corps. But also, I think that if we didn’t have this kind of rigorous training we wouldn’t be as prepared and hardy as we are now.

Ten weeks isn’t too long, but it’s long enough for us to gain a breadth of understanding of Ugandan culture. Food, church, home and social life, everything about the Ugandan people’s lives have been touched upon and if not for this kind of training, I don’t think I would feel as confident about my service as I am today.

Many volunteers that I have met have always said that PST was the hardest part of their service. It was definitely a lot to take in and I’m finally glad that we’re all through with it. But OH BOY am I relieved that I can take a breath and just chill out, finally.

So what happens now?

Now, we’re in this next phase of adjusting to our site. The next 3 months.

In these few months, it’s our time to adjust to our new location and get to know our community on a long-term basis. Since I’m living in the village, it means that I’ll be getting to know my neighbors and figuring out what resources are available. Consequently, this also means that I am a ways away from town.

My shopping lists will be that much more important for the weekends when I am trying to figure out what to cook for the day, what I’m going to eat, and any other kind of supplies and furnishings I will need for my house.

My house is EMPTY right now, but within these next few months, I’ll be filling it up with tables, chairs, and liven up my living space for the months to come. In short, I’ll cover all of this in my next post 🙂 Until then, I’ll be here resting from these exhausting 10 weeks for the weekend.

Sula bulungi,

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  • Mommy , August 17, 2019 @ 5:46 am

    Congratulations you made it my son

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