Entry #60: Thanksgiving in the East

Entry #60: November in the East

Date: 12/13/2019
Time: 7:00pm

Yeah, I haven’t been posting a lot. Not having electricity or stable internet makes this pretty difficult lol.

From Iganga to Mbale

We had a small little party of our own in our district to host a couple of our friends coming from the Central region of Uganda.

Getting around Uganda isn’t too difficult by public transport but getting around comfortably is another story. For our friends trying to make it to the far Eastern part of Uganda, the city of Mbale, they would have to travel for about 14 hours in public transport. 14 hours of anything isn’t fun so we had our friends Thom and Maya come through to our district to spend the night to break up the travel time. We haven’t seen each other since October, so it’s a been a minute since I got to see them.

After taking our breakfast and meeting with our other friend in the district, the first destination I had in mind was to see another volunteer’s coffee warehouse.

Coffee. Straight From the Mountains.

During our trip to Mbale we went to go see a fellow volunteer’s site. Sam is one of the AED volunteers from my cohort and he’s been doing lots of work working with coffee vendors and exports. Touring around their warehouse got me even more hyped about having my own coffee shop.

Talking about the process and seeing how coffee is acquired, stored, and sorted for quality was great. Since I’ve been reading more about the whole process of green coffee, I went ahead and bought 1kg of beans from their company for 10,000 UGX. Not bad!

Thriving in Peace Corps

From Sam’s organization, we took off to head to Bududa, about 2 hours away by taxi from the main city of Mbale.

In the main city, we actually met up with like 6 or 7 other volunteers and it was a spectacle to be in that taxi. With 10 volunteers packed in to a taxi going to the mountains, we made our own attraction.

I think what makes Peace Corps interesting is that it sort of reminded me of college again.

A group of people striving for a common goal who need a break every now and then. We make friends with our cohort and stick to the ones that make us feel understood. And I was standing to take pictures and to take it all in, it was nice to be here.

In our time in Bududa, it was the usual round of Eastern Ugandan activities: hiking, rain, and a whole bunch of good food.

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