Entry #64: Art Helps Me Not Go Crazy

Date: 2/8/2020
Time: 8:10pm
Location: Home

Things that I do when I’m not at work.


I’ve been drawing more since I’ve had a good amount of time on my hands. This also goes hand-in-hand with the fact that my site mate, Erika, has played a big role overall in helping me keep my sanity. She’s actually the one that influenced me to draw. She has this little pocket sketch book and it made me upset at myself. I’m an artist too. Why ain’t I drawing? I always made excuses of why I couldn’t continue working in art because my mediums were in photo and glass.

Through boredom and influence I started drawing more. And eventually, we started drawing together.

It made me think a bit more differently, see the world a bit differently; after all, art is the result of our perceptions of reality, so seeing her style and my style on the same page helped me see the world a little bit differently.

There’s a lot of free time

When I first came to country, I thought I was going to be engaged 24/7! Having project after project, I was afraid I wasn’t going to have enough time. Wasn’t until I got to site did I realize how much time I really had haha.

Art helps me not go crazy because it means I can put my time in to something that’s personal important and productive to me. While this stuff isn’t going to be making galleries or anything, not like their supposed to be, but art should also be there for the sake of just being able to illustrate our minds on paper.

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