Entry #01 – Uganda.

Entry #01
Date/Time: April 23, 2019 at 10:14pm
Location: Honolulu; Home


Every time I say it aloud I kind of get chills haha. Like, wow, I’m going to call “Uganda” my home for the next two years or so? That’s crazy.

How am I feeling about all of this?

Practically everything, to the point that there’s so much noise from all the anxiousness, excitement, happiness, and fearm that it’s almost numbing. As much as all of these feelings are coming through, the only feeling that I’m NOT feeling is panicked.

Controlling the panic. That was what I tried to teach myself when I first learned how to swim.

After going through the motions of learning how to swim, I realized that swimming really isn’t that hard. Technique and motion wise, you can get down the basics pretty quickly, but what trips most people up is the fear from swimming. Drowning, not being able to breathe, and the feeling of being weightless are all credible sources of fear.

People let that fear take over their body, their technique crumbles and soon enough you’re sinking like a brick.

To make it for analogy with fear in general, it works out. Learning how to swim helped in learning how to understand my fears.

Now that my days are getting markedly closer and closer to departure, it’s like a waterfall of emotion coming through, but I can handle it.

What are you thinking about right now?

Fixing my keyboard.

Literally, every piece that I have prepared and have been getting prepared thus far has been coming in smoothly. A few of my Amazon packages for some utility items have come in, my hard drives and electronics have been backed up, and I’ve been looking nearly everyday at what I need for clothes. However, the one piece that I wanted to make sure to have has seemed to always fail; my keyboard.

Yes, I know it’s silly. But, as a writer and technology kind of person, it’s specifically important to me.

I had broken my favorite keyboard and I’m in the process of fixing it up. Silly yes. Foolish, also yes. Waste of time? 100%. But, because it’s a personal thing that I really want to hold on to and to keep for the time that I am serving, I am confident in doing repairs on it.

It’s a custom mechanical keyboard with a simple repair of wiring up a new USB connection, simple enough, except I have not done any of this before. I’ve been gathering parts for this since early March, so it’s not something that I was procrastinating about, accidents happen I guess haha.

My Daily Journal

This is the start of writing every single day for my Peace Corps adventure. While I may not be able to post everyday, I will keep track of all of my days on my own and post when I get connected to the internet. It’ll be a good way to post up my raw thoughts, before putting it together in my newsletter.

If you haven’t heard of my newsletter, I plan to write updates twice a month on my Peace Corps journey! Check it out by clicking here, or clicking “Newsletter” at the top.

*Photo Courtesy of Peace Corps Media Library

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