Entry #02: Hawai’i is Pretty Nice

Date/Time: 4/25/2019, 10:23pm
Location: Home

It’s nice to be at home.

Driving on my way to work, it was a nice and clear day. The morning sun can pouring in between the gaps of the cityscape. The towering buildings passing by as I’m driving down Nimitz highway. I still don’t really understand the difference between highway and freeway.

We only have like three highways in Hawai’i anyways, so not like it mattered.

I have never tried to take Hawai’i for granted, but every time I do go to the mainland or just leave Hawai’i on vacation, it feels like some things never get old. The sun beaming down on my melanin tinted skin along with the sweat that follows ahhh, 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

There’s a wide array of places that you can go to eat, you just don’t see them. As always, the best shops are the ones that you don’t go to, because someone always has some recommendation of where to go to eat. It’s not a bad thing after all, lots of people generally have a good taste, provided that you’re friends with them.

Sesame chicken. Shoyu chicken. Roast pork. All things met the crunchy, satisfying taste of breading and seasoning. It’s amazing that cooking can never age out of style either, isn’t it.

I’ll miss the cool trade winds that come with that beaming sun. It’s enough to make your mouth water for something to cool it down. Ice cream won’t cut it, it has to be satisfying to eat as well. Talking story over lunch, and eating over the same food that we enjoy, it’s almost like cookie-cutter perfect.

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