4 Reasons Why I’m Looking Forward to in Uganda

Time: 6:30AM

  • Time.
  • Disconnecting from the Internet.
  • Connection with New People.
  • The Environmental World.

These are some of the first things that come in to my mind when I think about my service going in to Uganda, this coming May 2019. So here are 4 reasons why I’m excited to go to Uganda.

1. Quiet Time is a Relaxing Time

There’s always so much going on while I’m here at home, whether it’s parties, the beach, barbecues and friends wanting to hang out, I guess now that I will be away from all of this, I’ll have A LOT more time to myself.

Sometimes, however, there are lots of moments where I kind of just want to not do anything. I just want to relax, but there one thing after another, I start to lose my day because I’m working or I’m busy with plans that ended taking the entire day.

In the Peace Corps, I don’t have any expectations of what I NEED to do and being physically separated away from home will allow me to consequentially think differently and have a different set of expectations of what I need to do.

Here, I would be thinking about my retirement, traffic, what’s the weather like, and what food can I go buy today? In Uganda, I don’t know what to expect!

2. Unplug and Unwind

I am definitely looking forward to unplugging away from most of my social media because it takes away two things from me: time and brain cells.

Time; obviously because we just let our social media feeds take it all away. Infinite scrolling, direct messaging, and all of these notifications. I could easily uninstall it while I’m here.

Brain cells. A joke. But an important point I feel personally invested in.

I don’t know if it’s because we’re getting older or anything, but the things that I used to laugh at and enjoy reading, on Twitter especially, has been nothing but lackluster to me. Maybe I’m maturing too fast? Maybe I’m just tired of everyone’s dumb shit. Either way, I’m more than happy to leave that behind on a totally new level of social media disconnection :).

3. New Ties and More Friends

New continent. New country. More places than ever before.

I am very excited to be meeting with my PCV (Peace Corps Volunteer) Uganda group. The smarty-pants, the know-it-alls, the downright people, and outstanding individuals. I’m excited to meet the entire spectrum of people because with every new group, you are bound to make new friends and more connections than working at the same job, same town and doing the same thing everyday.

4. Wow. Trees. Much beauty.

Lastly, I am looking forward to just seeing the world.

I have some affinity for trees, especially, at least it was brought to my attention when I was looking through my camera when I was 15 and like 80 or 90 shots were all about trees. My friends actually went through my pictures first and just started laughing, like “Josh, wtf LOL.”

I sometimes would hike by myself, although that statement would have been more truthful during my college days. Nature walks and fresh air are things that I really treasure. It’s part of my grassroots. My culture. My background.


There are probably tons of things that I’m looking forward to in Uganda, most of all, I’m excited to continue exploring the world and learning more about how other people live on this planet. Each city, each state has a unique sense of style and living and I’m grateful for the opportunity to venture of and represent the U.S. in this manner.

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