Relearning Python – Towards a data-driven coffee business

Learning Python? Why?

It’s taken awhile for me to reorient myself this year because of multiple job changes, career choices, and inevitable doubt of what I should be doing right now. I have taken months off of trying to work on this website because I didn’t want to fill the website with hollow posts and echoing my Peace Corps journeys over and over. It was great, but it’s time to move on.

I have always been interested in data science work, but never made enough time because of other priorities. The last time I’ve put time into anything related to studying data science was over two years ago on my GitHub project on python progress (repo here).

Why data science?

I have always stood behind tried-and-true research more than speculative and eye-catching resources. Now that I have plans to open my own business in the coffee roasting industry, I want to be a little coffee unicorn and do it on my own. As far as time is concerned, it is totally a waste of my time to try and do everything on my own! But as I am aware of that, my personal philosophy always triumphs here: do it slow and do it right.

I can definitely accelerate my business by hiring, taking out loans, and streamlining the entire process, but without being actively involved in all of the activities, I feel that I might be missing some details that will end in my own businesses’ demise. I would rather take it slow and do it right than do it fast and make too many mistakes that would have otherwise been avoidable.

That’s cool, but I’m not interested.

That’s cool too, but maybe my other projects will be interesting!

The website has taken a pretty different turn in regards from it’s origin as a “Peace Corps blog” and would rather take ownership of it being my own blog of my own projects. The projects I have right now will still involve some level of volunteerism and community work, but will also include my own personally invested projects including:
* My 1985 VW Cabriolet Restore Project
* This project! Relearning Python, 5 minutes a day
* A homegrown Coffee Roasting business – Josh’s Coffee
* Trees, conservation, and environmental ordinance.. something like that?

Cars, Coffee and Conservation. Welcome 2021 🙂

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