Updates November 2020; Coffee Roasting, AmeriCorps and Personal Time


So it has been a while and I’ve been having a tough time trying to get everything together, lol. As far as my pursuit in graduate studies, it is on hold for now because I’ve been on a back-and-forth with many schools and admissions counselors as far as what I should be doing.

At this point, I’ve been reevaluating a lot of what my plans ahead and will put school on hold for now.

With the pandemic, I’m planning on taking some personal time to get settled back at home. So, I’ve taken up a position with Americorps for Community Forestry and plan to start my own coffee roasting business. I have a full presentation (and possibly my first video!) on all of this. A lot of what I learned in Uganda has influenced my decisions in coffee and want to pursue a coffee business in roasting for now, trying to source and support whomever I can by buying green coffee. Of course, easier said than done.

I’ve also picked up a project car, my VW Cabriolet. I’ve been throughly enjoying the process and has eased a lot of my frustrations from doing the work on it this year. Maybe I’ll post about it later.

In any case, the website is on a much lower priority for now, and if I do make updates it will be on topics beyond Peace Corps.

Thanks everyone for reading and catching up! I’m always suprised to see someone on this website as far as views go.

Take care,

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